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In Our Prayers

We pray for the sick: Rhett Ambrite; Katie Burris; Homer Burrous, Jr.; Elizabeth Flowers; Joe Gilchrist; Bill Gorgas; Tracy Graudin; Lenora Kessler; Joe Livesay; Frank Lucas; Jane Martin; Bob O’Callaghan; Elaine Pendarvis; Edmund Rhett; Antoon Rijswijk; Benjamin Schools; Michael Walsh; and Lindsey Wing.

We pray for our expectant parents: Ran and Jane Stoney, John and Kelsey Lipscomb.

We pray for protection for: Becca, Janie, and Wills Baird, Graham Blunt, Henry Clayton, Ben Colyer, David Daughtridge, Hayes Fair, George Hoefer, Andrew Kane, Charles Kirkman, Clay McLaurin, Ned Montgomery, Edward Pritchard, and David Scott serving in our Armed Forces.

We pray for our home missionsStar Gospel Mission,  Tricounty Family Ministries, Life Resources, St. John's Chapel, and the Open Door Committee.

We pray for our world missions: For Suzy McCall and LAMB, for the medical missions to Honduras, for ministry to victims of genocide and AIDS in Rwanda, for the 10/40 Tribal Commission, for Water Mission, and for St. Jean Baptiste, our sister church, and the schools in Haiti.